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Average daily income: $5.00+ (rough estimate; varies)

Tired of seeing all the Facebook applications such as Cityville, Mafia Wars, and Texas hold em trying to get you to offers for credits only for their apps? You can now use EmbeePay to actually earn real money for your prepaid phone, Groupon,, and plenty more.  This Facebook application pays the highest of any that I have tried.  You get paid to participate in offers.  Some of the highest offers pay out over $60 without requiring a purchase.  To get your first payout takes under 5 minutes.  To earn the quickest $5 payout, click “Earn”, click “Tapjoy”, then underneath find and perform the task that pays 50 EmbeePoints just to install the Bing toolbar.
50 EmbeePoints = one $5 Amazon gift card.

Here is a list of other offers that pay extremely well with hardly any effort.


  1. Get Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes Now!
  2. Free Quick Quotes on Auto Insurance!
  3. Qualify For Your No Cost Meter & Diabetic Meal Planning Tools
  4. All the videos
  5. Under more with a drop down tab (App Installs) has a ton of facebook add applications for 1-6 Embee credits ($.10-$.60 per application)


  1. Videos (usually new videos daily)

Super Rewards

  1. Videos (usually new videos daily)

Click here to join EmbeePay.

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